Twitter confirms that it’s been analyzing the information feature for a little while and is now rolling it out to everybody on iOS and Android. A spokesperson also reminded us that information was a focus of Twitter before, such as the time that it analyzed a dedicated news tab in 2015. Buzzfeed’s Alex Kantrowitz also points out that Twitter’s new feature apes that of standalone program, Nuzzel, which aggregates news posts which were enjoyed and shared by people in your community, also.

The popular posts feature may take a while to appear on your mobile device; a few Engadget staffers can see the characteristic while others are still awaiting.

The Smarter Way to Humanize Your Organization’s Use of Twitter

Providing the suitable voice to your brand on Twitter can be challenging for many content strategists to browse, particularly when your tweets are under constant scrutiny from the audience. This can become even harder for larger corporations when their Twitter content has to be accepted by authorized departments before publishing.

While precautionary measures can help protect your brand from a possible PR disaster, strict company guidelines often dilute the character of Twitter content and can make tweets sound dull, too sales oriented, or even robotic. This can likely have a toll on audience participation prices, because people generally need to interact on a more personal level, something which automation and content that is scripted can negatively impact.

Adding a human element to your business’s Twitter efforts can help overcome these problems and end up being an important tactic for creating more social sales, developing your brand’s influence and for conducting market research.

It is the people behind the logo which makes a brand truly memorable.

Learn more economical ways to humanize your company on Twitter to bring a stronger element of confidence with your clients and increase the probability of influencing your followers to take more purposeful actions with your organization.

Emphasize your staff, relate to followers.

1 tactic that companies can use to add character to their Twitter account would be to showcase their employees and encourage them to actively participate in social conversations.

By way of instance, societal publishing platform, Sprout Social, gears their Twitter profile about highlighting their people — the group responsible for the Sprout brand.

Sprout Social’s friendly staff photograph creates a welcoming face to your own company.