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Install storm windows Storm windows enable you to add onto your existing windows, rather than replace them completely. Storm windows can be installed indoors or outside and add another layer of material into the frame, reducing air movement and energy prices. Storm windows can be made from plastic or laminated glass, and are usually not as expensive than a complete window replacement.4

Replace windows: If you’ve got old windows, it is likely that they have single-pane glass, which is a very poor insulator. Most new windows are triple-pane, which is made up of multiple sheets of glass separated by spacer bars and sealed on all four sides to make a dead airspace between the panes. New windows may also have a unique low E coating or argon, krypton or xenon gas injected between the panes to maximize their energy efficiency and ability to block out ultraviolet rays. Double and triple pane glass may also help insulate your home from external sound.

Professionals can also look at other areas of your home, like your doors and siding, to allow you to know how well insulated the whole structure is. Even though this is a costly project, windows rarely have to be replaced, and homeowners recover close to 80 percent of the cost of replacement when they market. 5

Become very knowledgeable about water-proofing techniques around windows when they are replaced or installed in new construction. If done incorrectly, you’ll have moisture intrusion that may create dry rot, mold and water flows into the house which might take years to manifest and be very expensive to fix.

In some houses, windows are in such poor condition the only effective resolution is a complete replacement. If that’s true, you may want to hire an expert to help you decide on the ideal product guarantee a safe window setup. Here are a few tips to Know How to employ the right person for window job:

Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations and search on the internet to make a list of prospective businesses to hire.

Filter out any companies with overwhelmingly negative reviews, or who are outside of your budget.

Get estimates, time of work quotes, and check availability.