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Maintenance Idea: Cedar effortlessly weathers to a silvery grey, and a fence of the material will demand maintenance, including periodic plank substitution. For long-lasting color and cover, apply a penetrating sealant soon after installation and on a yearly basis thereafter.


Vinyl fencing ‘s been around for a couple of generations, but it’s still a comparatively new kid on the market. Early on vinyl fencing products got a propensity to yellowish, sag, or become brittle after a year or two, but today’s fence manufacturers are placing out durable fencing products in a number of levels and styles. With regards to quality, thickness matters; thicker measure, “virgin” vinyl can look best for the longest timeframe (some with an eternity guarantee). To discover the best results, unit installation must be exact, so consider selecting a specialist fence installer. Just a little out-of-level here or somewhat out-of-plumb you will see significantly obvious in the done fence.

Maintenance Idea: Once installed, vinyl fabric fencing is nearly maintenance-free. Wash mud off once in a while with a moderate detergent, wash with a hose, and you’re all set.

FENCE TYPE: Composite

Manufactured from real wood fibers coupled with plastic polymers, amalgamated fencing offers a like-wood look minus the propensity to degrade from pests and rot. Such combo of style and chemical runs slightly more costly than vinyl fabric and cedar, though, in both materials and installation–like vinyl fabric fencing, amalgamated requires precise unit installation by professionals. Because the material’s quality varies, you will want to explore your alternatives and buy amalgamated fencing components from an established dealer.

Maintenance Hint: After professional set up, amalgamated fencing requires only an intermittent spraying with simple drinking water to keep it looking clean and fresh.