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Minutes after he left my home I noticed he had stolen an unopened $80 package of medical marijuana from my desk. Couple updates on this review. With Xfinity Home the contract is now tied to any Xfinity line of service. This means if you decide to cancel and your under contract you can do so at no cost as long as you keep home phone, internet or cable tv. As far as pricing goes its $39. 95 for a 300 and $49.

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Scout Alarm works with the smart home platforms from Amazon, Nest and IFTTT.

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The best part is if there’s a power outage, most wireless equipment includes a backup battery to work.

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You can also get monthly professional home monitoring $30, which includes the backup features mentioned above.

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There are a multitude of alternatives that are available for wireless and wired and either options have pros and cons to them which you have to look at prior to arriving at your conclusion.