SEO for musicians

An important part of SEO is making your site easy for both users and search engine spiders to understand. Although search engines have become increasingly sophisticated, they still can not see and comprehend a web page the same way a person can. SEO assists the engines determine what each page is about, and how it might be beneficial for users.

A Standard Argument Against SEO
We often hear statements like this:

“No wise engineer would build a search engine that needs sites to follow certain principles or rules so as to be ranked or indexed. Anyone with half a brain would need a system that can crawl through any structure, parse any quantity of complicated or imperfect code, and find a way to return the most relevant results, not those which have been ‘optimized’ by unlicensed search marketing specialists.”

Imagine you posted online an image of your pet. How can you create a search engine understand that a picture? Luckily, SEO enables webmasters to provide clues that the motors may use to understand content. In actuality, adding good structure to your content is vital to SEO.

Knowing both the skills and limitations of search engines lets you correctly build, format, and annotate your content in a way that search engines can digest. Without SEO, a site could be invisible to search engines.

Investing in a consistent SEO strategy is investing in a strong foundation for your website’s long-term ability to generate revenue. Building a strong foundation helps maintain your brand’s relevancy in the way the world gets information. The positives of adding to a growing organic traffic base for your website versus having no SEO strategy just are insane to me. When people are searching for new music the only way the can find new artists is by searching through the internet and YouTube.