basement waterproofing Chicago

Special waterproof paint on the walls or coatings on basement flooring may keep leaks from revealing for the time being, but if the hydrostatic pressure from the ground around the base is very good enough, water will find its way in. The important thing is to minimize the water that gets in and get it back out again until it impacts your dwelling.

Many times, a basement is wet as it is the next stop for rainwater after it leaves the roof. If gutters are clogged and overflowing or downspouts dump water too near the home, and particularly if the ground slopes toward the foundation, water is funneled into your cellar. Gutter maintenance, downspout extensions and re-grading can go a long way toward a dryer basement.

In the cellar, digging a perimeter drain and installing a sump pump is the most frequent way to eliminate any water which comes up through the ground or through the walls. Since flooding can occur suddenly and can be accompanied by a power outage, some systems even include another pump to handle additional volume and a third battery back-up pump.

Wet basement? Considering calling a basement waterproofing contractor? Stop.

You are more likely to find great results and save a good deal of money by exploring different options and hiring a basement waterproofing contractor only if absolutely needed. If your home was built within the last few years, check the builder’s guarantee for exemptions on seepage.

Most basements get moist when rainwater runs toward the walls of homes from roofs, yards and driveways. So your first step is to make it run away from your dwelling.

Begin with cleaning your gutters, repairing holes, and ensuring they incline toward downspouts and haven’t come loose from the home, allowing water to fall straight from the roof to the floor. Test downspouts to be certain they spill water at least four feet away in the home.

You may extend downspouts for under $15 each; gutter repairs are more expensive. However, these improvements are worth the cost, even if they don’t fully solve your water issue.