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Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacked
$425 Million Stolen

Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck Inc said on Sunday it would return about 46.3 billion yen ($425 million) of the virtual money it lost to hackers two days ago in one of the biggest-ever thefts of digital money.

That amounts to nearly 90 percent of the 58 billion yen worth of NEM coins the company lost in an attack that forced it to suspend on Friday withdrawals of all cryptocurrencies except bitcoin.

Coincheck said in a statement it would repay the roughly 260,000 owners of NEM coins in Japanese yen, though it was still working on timing and method.

The theft underscores security and regulatory concerns about bitcoin and other virtual currencies even as a global boom in them shows little signs of fizzling.

Two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) sent a notice to the country’s roughly 30 firms that operate virtual currency exchanges to warn of further possible cyber-attacks, urging them to step up security.

The financial watchdog is also considering administrative punishment for Coincheck under the financial settlements law, one of the sources said.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.

What goes into SEO?

To understand what SEO really means, let’s break that sentence down and look at the parts:

  • Quality of traffic. You can attract all the visitors in the world, but if they’re coming to your site because Google tells them you’re a resource for Apple computers when really you’re a farmer selling apples, that is not quality traffic. Instead you want to attract visitors who are genuinely interested in products that you offer.
  • Quantity of traffic. Once you have the right people clicking through from those search engine results pages (SERPs), more traffic is better.
  • Organic results. Ads make up a significant portion of many SERPs. Organic traffic is any traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

vinyl siding Naperville

vinyl siding Naperville

Storm window layouts that are New could be operable or fixed in position and reduce air leakage storm window layouts that are over some older.

In warmer climates, solar control storm windows will be effective for energy savings.

Prices of window replacement [CA1] about one-quarter

Aesthetically pleasing


Reduces increases and drafts comfort

Reduces noise

Energy savings as window replacement that is complete

Radiant heat than glass storm windows that are

Act as an air can reduce home air leakage and sealing step

Exterior or interior storm windows can save you 12% on cooling and heating costs, based on the type of window.

Interior vs. Exterior

Storm windows are available for many kinds of windows. They may be installed on exterior or the interior of the window.

Than exterior storm windows, inside storm windows provide greater convenience for the most part. They are more easy to install and remove; because they are not exposed to the elements they need less maintenance; and, they are more capable of reducing air infiltration since they seal tightly to the window.

Storm windows are the ideal option for homes and apartments with more than 1 floor. You can afford, if you can afford exterior storm windows.


Materials vary from films or plastic sheets designed with coatings that offer years of use for a single heating season to glass units.


Storm windows can use special sheets which have qualities panels, or glass. Those made of glass or plastic offer a high level of resistance to breaking from intruders during storms and/or.

Glass pane types offer visibility and more life but glass is brittle and heavy. Generally speaking, plastics are most economical for who reside in apartments or individuals with small budgets. But easy to install and while inexpensive, they are easy to damage.


chain link fence Knoxville

chain link fence Knoxville

Steel Chain Link

Steel fencing takes. Chain-link fencing can be used without getting an eyesore even though it is not thought of as fairly. The net is useful as a trellis for everything.

Is a set of hands to help out with pulling on the mesh. As it possible to mesh cloth, repairing a fence is straightforward.

Another expert: Chain-link fencing is known as “green,” because any scrap metal dealer will be delighted to receive (and might even cover) one you are discarding. Try that with fence or an old vinyl!

Inevitably, a aesthetic is possessed by chain-link fencing, but fashion choices exist. Wire gauges and mesh sizes can be found, and the plastic coatings currently come in colors, such as brown, green, and black–some of them provides a look that is softer . When installed one of shrubs or across the border of areas, it is possible for a fence to be invisible if equipped with lattice panels or fabrics.

There are many reasons. You may want to keep the children — or the family dog — safely. You’re seeking to obstruct an view of your neighbor selection of muscle cars, to raise your privacy, or to prevent intruders from entering your house. You’re safeguarding your swimming pool or adding a boost.

If you opt for the right one — A fence can do one of these things. There are hundreds of styles to pick from, plus a couple of building materials that are different, each with costs and their maintenance requirements.

And you will need to ensure that that your fence violate laws and regulations — or does not create animosity in the area. Here’s the way to avoid those pitfalls and find a beautiful fence that fits your budget and your home.

Follow the Rules

Fences are subject to local codes, which dictate the maximum height permitted, whether they allowed in front yards, and how far they need to be from property lines.

If you are in a district, a neighborhood institution, or a new development, you might face limitations on height fence design, and place check with local officials.

split rail fence Knoxville TN

split rail fence Knoxville TN

Manufactured from wood fibers together with vinyl polymers, composite fencing gives a like-wood look with no propensity to degrade from insects and rot. Such combination of style and material runs marginally pricier than cedar and vinyl, however, in both installation and material–such as plastic fencing, composite requires precise installation by professionals. Considering that the material’s quality varies, you will want to research your options and purchase composite fencing elements from a reliable dealer.

Because they are expensive, redwood and teak fences are often restricted to small areas: enclosures around pools or spas. Like cedar, redwood and walnut both obviously withstand insects, decay, shrinking, and warping out of the components.

Maintenance Tip: The two redwood and walnut require the use of a penetrating sealer or oil a couple of times a year to keep their original color. A light sanding before application will eliminate surface weathering.

Consider choosing a technical fencing contractor if you are trying to integrate the traditional appeal of wrought iron in your premises, as these enclosures are generally custom designed to fit the house and even include more complex patterns. Some newer metal alternatives–such as cast aluminum, iron, and steel fences–bundle the strength of wrought iron with a more DIY-friendly panel setup.

Maintenance Tip: Aluminum fencing holds up without rust throughout the year, but wrought iron and a few steel fences need treatment with a brush-on or spray-on rust-inhibiting paint whenever they begin to show signs of rust.

Stress- and chemically-treated timber pickets or cedar-style boards are a favorite choice for outdoor structures as a whole–gazezbos, decks, pergolas, and much more–and constructed as a weapon, they provide privacy at a wallet-friendly price. While this cheaper fencing option is the ideal selection for fence posts inserted in the floor (treated wood resists both moisture and insects), its fence pickets have a tendency to warp or twist as rapidly as one month after installation. For best shot in a warp-free outcome, handpick out the boards individually from the local lumberyard instead of having them delivered in bulk. Start looking for the straightest planks and bypass any that seem “green,” or moist, which might indicate they came from the maker and are more likely to proceed as they dry.



While it might take several years for new windows to repay in energy cost savings, the further benefits in terms of additional comfort, decreased body heat radiation to cold glass, airflow, and enhanced performance may make the investment worthwhile to you. Having said that other energy improvements – including insulation, weatherstripping and caulking, air sealing, insulating duct work, and an energy audit – typically reduce energy usage and supply superior returns for the dollar invested. It’s thus extremely important that you do the simple home weatherization before replacing the present windows.

Performance Measures

The reduced the U-factor, the lower the amount of heat loss, and the greater the item is at insulating. U-factors typically vary from about 0.20 to 1.20. Start looking for windows that give the value for the complete window and not only the middle of the glass.

R-value: The R-value is a dimension of a product’s resistance to heat loss or conductivity – higher R-value substances are more energy efficient with increased resistance to heat flow and greater insulative values.

The lower the SHGC, the better the solution or window is at blocking unwanted solar heat gain, which can be important in hot summers.

The higher the VT, the more complex the daylighting. The visible light transmittance ought to be higher or over 60% to 80% if the focus is on daylighting.

Condensation resistance: Condensation resistance (CR) measures the resistance to the creation of condensation. Higher numbers mean the item is better at resisting condensation. The evaluation is optional.

Air leakage: Air leakage (AL) measures how much outside air comes into a house through a good or window. The lower the air leakage value, the better the window will keep air out if it’s properly installed. Window labels may not demonstrate the AL rating since it’s optional.

When choosing windows, consider the sort of window, or design. Each has specific characteristics that may influence air infiltration.

Awning windows provide excellent ventilation when opened. When awning windows have an excellent gasket around the window, and it’s closed and secured, this kind of window offers good protection against air infiltration.

Ramen Roeselare

Ramen Roeselare

Fiberglass composite: Another choice for homeowners who want the nice look of timber but less of the hassle, fiberglass composite windows glow in extreme conditions. They warp nor sag in heat, neither shrink nor turn brittle in freezing cold.

If you would like to achieve a particular look and none of the stock colours strike your fancy, custom orders are really possible.


Various kinds of windows have different working mechanisms and otherwise structured designs. One of the most common are:

— Double-hung or single-hung: Both feature two sashes in one framework, but at a double-hung window, both sashes slide up and down.

— Casement: Hinged like a doorway, this window opens from the side, but top-opening casements (using a cranking knob) are also offered.

— Sliding: Sliding windows function horizontally along a metal or plastic track. They have two sashes; both may be opened and shut.

— Hopper: Basement venting is the most frequent application of hopper windows, which can be bottom-hinged and top-opening.

— Clerestory: Designed to acknowledge abundant natural light, clerestory windows are often set up in a string along the upper part of high walls.

— Rotating: Popularly utilized to frame views, rotating windows boast uninterrupted glass panels which pivot partially open by a central axis.

— Arched: Also called radius windows, arch-topped windows are generally fixed in position but are also available in operable styles.

— Bow: Composed of many same-size glass panels built into a gentle curve, a bow window projects outward from the wall, as opposed to sitting flush with it.

— Bay: Another protruding window structure, bays unite two angled side windows with one larger central window.


Choose a form of window that suits the architectural style of your house, and decide on a size in proportion with the total structure. Success means symmetry and equilibrium; failure leads to an exterior which never looks quite perfect. At retail showrooms, professionals are available to assist you make decisions in keeping with your house’s architecture, your personal style feel, and your project budget.

sectionaalpoort plaatsen

sectionaalpoort plaatsen

Install storm windows Storm windows enable you to add onto your existing windows, rather than replace them completely. Storm windows can be installed indoors or outside and add another layer of material into the frame, reducing air movement and energy prices. Storm windows can be made from plastic or laminated glass, and are usually not as expensive than a complete window replacement.4

Replace windows: If you’ve got old windows, it is likely that they have single-pane glass, which is a very poor insulator. Most new windows are triple-pane, which is made up of multiple sheets of glass separated by spacer bars and sealed on all four sides to make a dead airspace between the panes. New windows may also have a unique low E coating or argon, krypton or xenon gas injected between the panes to maximize their energy efficiency and ability to block out ultraviolet rays. Double and triple pane glass may also help insulate your home from external sound.

Professionals can also look at other areas of your home, like your doors and siding, to allow you to know how well insulated the whole structure is. Even though this is a costly project, windows rarely have to be replaced, and homeowners recover close to 80 percent of the cost of replacement when they market. 5

Become very knowledgeable about water-proofing techniques around windows when they are replaced or installed in new construction. If done incorrectly, you’ll have moisture intrusion that may create dry rot, mold and water flows into the house which might take years to manifest and be very expensive to fix.

In some houses, windows are in such poor condition the only effective resolution is a complete replacement. If that’s true, you may want to hire an expert to help you decide on the ideal product guarantee a safe window setup. Here are a few tips to Know How to employ the right person for window job:

Ask friends and acquaintances for recommendations and search on the internet to make a list of prospective businesses to hire.

Filter out any companies with overwhelmingly negative reviews, or who are outside of your budget.

Get estimates, time of work quotes, and check availability.

Windows are a really ancient innovation, probably coincident with the growth of fixed and enclosed homes. Representations of windows happen in ancient wall paintings in Egypt and in reliefs from Assyria. The Egyptian examples reveal openings in house walls coated with mattings, such as the doors.

The devotion of the early Greeks to the home built around a courtled into an almost total disappearance of windows in their structure, because each room was lighted by a doorway to the central, colonnaded court. It’s obvious, moreover, the fantastic windows at the baths of Rome must have been enclosed in some manner, to be able to maintain the heat. The overall hypothesis is these terrific clerestory openings were filled, initially, with frames of bronze that subdivided the entire into small regions, each of which held a pane of glass. Generally speaking, however, glazed windows were rather unique in Roman times; marble, mica, and shell were often utilised to fill window openings.


Thus, it’s understood that the windows of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (started 532) were full of pierced marble frames surrounding panes of glass. Islāmic mosque builders replicated this Byzantine technique of little pieces of glass inserted into a masonry framework and, by substituting cement for marble in the framework, obtained great freedom and richness in pattern layout, so that with using different colors of glass in the small openings, colorful effects were produced. Islāmic builders of Egypt and Syria also developed a very rich type of national window which was usually unglazed. This consisted of a projecting, bracketed, frame of timber with its sides completely filled by intricate grillwork shaped by carved, turned, wooden spindles. It wasn’t till the 12th and 13th centuries in northern and western Europe, however, this stained-glass technique reached its most distinguished improvement. Due to the softness of this guide, the cames could be molded into any pattern. Therefore, it was possible to decorate the windows of Gothic cathedrals with detailed pictorial layouts. Moreover, with the addition of stone mullions (slender vertical supports that form a branch between glazed areas) and a method of tracery in about 1250, church windows became progressively bigger.

usps point

usps point

WASHINGTON — The United States Postal Service announced Thursday that it would start consolidating 48 email processing centers starting in July, the initial phase of a cost-cutting plan that’s meant to save the agency almost $1.2 billion per year as it tries to adjust to declining mail volume.

The bureau said it would unite an additional 92 processing centres in February, and 89 more in early 2014.

In all, the Postal Service said it would shut 229 processing centres — roughly half of the total — and it expects to save about $2.1 billion per year after the program is fully completed in 2014. About 13,000 workers will be affected when the first phase is finished by February.

The service’s most current strategy to reduce prices comes as the agency continues to endure financial losses.

A decrease in first-class mail and the development of automated equipment have left the mail processing system bigger than needed, and revenue hasn’t kept up with the cost of maintaining the system, the bureau said.

“We simply don’t have the email volumes to justify the size and capacity of our existing mail processing system,” said Patrick R. Donahoe, the postmaster general. “To return to long-term profitability and financial stability while maintaining mail affordable, we have to match our community to the expected workload.”

Nearly all of the consolidations this season will happen in July and August, and they’ll resume early next year. No consolidations will occur from September through December due to the election and vacation mailing seasons, the bureau said.

The Postal Service also announced that it would shortly issue a new regulation modifications to overnight shipping.

From the 2011 fiscal year, which ended in September, the Postal Service had a mail processing system that comprised 461 facilities, 154,325 full-time workers and about 8,000 pieces of mail processing equipment. But email volume has dropped precipitously over the past couple of decades, to 168 billion bits in 2011 from a high of 213 billion in 2006.

Get what you want to know to begin your day in the USA, Canada and the Americas, delivered to your inbox.

The agency is thinking of other cost-cutting initiatives, such as moving into a five-day shipping program from six times and reducing compensation and benefits, with the purpose of conserving a total of $22.5 billion by 2016.

chain link fence Knoxville

chain link fence Knoxville

Since entering the area of carpentry 30 years ago to work my way through school, I have never experienced such an outpouring of positive comments from complete strangers. There is nothing particularly fancy about the design — it is only a simple lattice of 2-by-2 redwood — so individuals must be responding to something more than the layout. Are they just offering encouragement to a graying 50-year old and his miniature Significant Other? Why has this fencing elicited such spontaneous excitement from passers-by and acquaintances alike?

One possibility is that everybody walking is, in their own way, already an expert. Regardless of what their age or source, everybody has lots of experience with fences; everybody has peeked through planks, fought to close a dilapidated gate and noticed the depressing effect of a sagging chain-link barrier onto a locality. Nobody wants a course in postmodern structure to determine if they like a fence. That is harder to pin down, since the majority of us have difficulty describing what we like about a construction, even one as simple as a fence.

A new fence prices between $2,600 and $8,000 on average, depending on the size and type you purchase, so you wish to make a fantastic choice the first time. Other elements, like your lawn’s slope, also impact the expense of fence installation.

Homeowners install fences for privacy, visual appeal, or for the protection of pets and kids. If done well, fences are among the main landscaping features that increase home values.

Ask yourself why you will need a fence and let that response guide your decision making, Pickens says. Prioritize your requirements on your needs, not the other way round, ” he proposes.

“When you go to sell your house, potential buyers will be like: ‘What are they hiding in there? ”’

Should you need solitude, wooden fences tend to work best, although vinyl fencing is sometimes another viable alternative, says Jennifer Pechanec, a supervisor with Chesapeake Custom Builders in Chesapeake, Virginia.

However, with specific vinyl fences, panels may be too far apart to provide enough privacy, ” she says.

Customers who don’t require privacy can turn into an aluminum fencing, which provides a lawn a classy, open appearance. In some places, homeowners associations require aluminum fencing.

wooden fence Knoxville

wooden fence Knoxville

Get started by nailing 1×4 cedar boards into the insides of the articles (Photo 5).Don’t nail greater than 6 ft. Otherwise you will hit the claws with the saw blade when cutting the articles to height.

Over the post bases and hold the 2×6 bottom rails even with the marks and scribe lines using the articles as the guide (Photo 6).The bottom rails follow the slope of the lawn, so this establishes the specific cutoff angles.

There is no magic number for height unless you’ve got a perfectly flat lawn. We tried for an average height of 6 ft., but some regions were less, some more, due to the contours of the lawn. Between each pair of articles, use a 4-ft. Level and board to indicate each post. Step panels up or down to accommodate grade changes and maintain the height about 6 ft. If you are unsure, tack boards into the shirts of each pair to mimic the panel heights before settling on final heights.

Use a knot-free 1×2 as a guide to make a smooth curve and then cut it using a jigsaw. (If you have more than 1 panel width, make different patterns.) Then draw the curves on each one the best railing 1x8s and cut them out. Center the railings between the articles even with the top design marks and then scribe and cut both sets (front and rear) to span for each panel (Photo 9).

Screw 12-in. Long 1×2 cleats just a bit below the design marks with three 3-in. Deck screws (drill pilot holes to prevent splitting).

Cut a 1×6 panel board to span, center it in the panel and tack it into place using a few 1-1/2 in. Galvanized finish nails at each end (Photo 11).Be sure to angle the nails when forcing them the hints may project through the opposite side. When you have pushed from the first fence board, check the other hand to be certain that you’re angling them enough. Then cut and tack the remaining boards into position using a carpenter’s pencil as a spacer and alternating 1x4s and 1x6s. (We also alternated smooth and rough sides so the fence would appear identical on either side.) Most likely you will need to tear the end boards of each panel to width.